Elaine Smithson

Elaine Smithson is principally a self-taught photographer who attended both the University of Rochester and Empire State College in Rochester, New York. She photographs exclusively in black and white, sometimes sepia toning or hand coloring her archival processed photographs. She enjoys working with the contrast, texture, and tonal qualities of the monochrome medium. She resided in Rochester, New York for 35 years and for the past eleven years has been enjoying the exploration and discoveries of northeast New Jersey’s rural landscapes and back roads.


As a fine arts photographer, she strives to communicate the enigmatic and the symbolic through her black and white, hand-colored, and sepia toned photographs. She photographs what intrigues and inspires her, whether it be the humor and social statement of inner-city graffiti, the long-dead child’s face carved on the decaying tombstone in a Boston cemetery, or the fragile, ageless beauty of flowers in a Venetian window box.

Her photographs are archival processed and will outlast even the most discriminating art collector.

Contact Information: rosslj@eclipse.net or through Gallery 23


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