Ellen Mulligan


Ellen Mulligan is a ceramic artist making pottery for everyday use. She studied ceramics at the State University College at Buffalo, NY in the 1970's. She returned to pottery classes at The Art School at Old Church in Demarest, NJ and studied in classes and workshops with inspiring ceramic artists including Susan Beecher, Malcolm Davis, Mikhail Zakin, DeBorah Goletz and Ruth Borgenicht. She has worked with seniors and children and thoroughly enjoyed these experiences. Ellen works in porcelain and stoneware, recently trying her hand at soda firing. Ellen is a member of Underground Potters, Potters Guild of NJ and the Potters Council.

Message from the Artist: "Pottery has been unbelievably rewarding for me. Seeing my tableware in daily use makes it all fall into place. I like to imagine my pots stacked in the dishwasher -- sturdy, dirty and well-used. They can be used for a Thanksgiving dinner, mid-week takeout or morning cereal."  You can reach Ellen at

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