Jen Stein


My first exposure to ceramic arts was during a raku workshop at Vassar College.  Taking a break from my Italian literature studies I wandered down to their rudimentary pottery studio and tried my hands at throwing at a potter’s wheel.  Not realizing this clay would be my destiny, I went on to obtain my MA in Italian from Yale.  Following several years working a job and parenting two children, I awoke to my repressed passion, and I reacquainted myself with the joys of creating with clay. 


Since 1994 I have been continuously throwing functional ware and making sculptural objects, experimenting with form, technique, and glaze formulations.  After a few years working and teaching in other studios, my husband and I built a custom multi-media studio in Ramsey, NJ, where I can focus on pottery, but also dabble in metals, sculpture, and glass.  Over the years I have made miniatures, large bas-relief mosaics (one installed in the city of Alba in Italy) functional ware, figurative sculpture, and even bathroom sinks.  I have worked in stoneware, porcelain, paper-clay, colored clay, and raku.    


My obsession for the past two years has been macro-crystalline glazes.  This technique demands precise formulation of glazes, careful application, and rigorous control of temperature and timing in the kiln firing process… and after all of this precision the results are surprisingly unpredictable, full of variation, and, with any luck, exquisite



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