Julianne Baker

Julianne studied photography under professional photographers and has earned a Nikon photography certificate. She does all the hand developing, printing and coloring of her prints. Julianne is the recipient of many awards.

She began to explore color and the effects of color in her bead work. She researched that fact that color therapy dates back thousands of years and is linked to the 7 Chakra energy centers within our bodies. Today there are numerous methods in which to employ color i.e.; wavelengths, for therapeutic purposes.

Julianne began to use her artistic interpretation of healing colors in her beadwork and bead embroidery, with the hope that the color combinations would provide peace, happiness and positive energies to the owner. Many items include found objects, semi-precious stones and metals also clay, resin, porcelain, antiques, recycled items, including Czech & Swarovski crystals and beads. 


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