Kara Malone

Kara is an artist, a naturalist, a child of the Earth, and most importantly a mother to her 2 year old son.  She creates distinguished pieces of jewelry, knot by knot, using the ancient form of macrame. She uses an incredibly durable Brazilian linen string coated in a protective wax seal and incorporates gemstone, seeds, shells, among other items which hold positive energy and value, many of which were collected from her many travels around the world. She is energetically connected to each piece she makes.

As a lover of culture and diversity, traveling with her heart and eyes wide open,  many wonderful opportunities have arisen during which she always ends up receiving more than she could ever expect.  Just this happened during one of her adventures, a ten month backpacking experience in South America in 2011, where she came upon the beauty and art that is macrame.  It was while volunteering with The Eden’s Rose Foundation, a non-profit organization in Tosagua, Ecuador that her journey as a macrame artist began. The Eden’s Rose Foundation supports women’s empowerment projects in poor areas throughout Ecuador.  In Tosagua, the women teach each other the art of macrame jewelry making, therefore giving them confidence, and empowering them to create their own form of income.  While volunteering and learning about the foundation and their work, these inspiring women took Kara under their wing, making her one of the “macrame women” and taught her the basic knots needed to transform the individual waxed strings into pieces of art.

Throughout the remainder of her time in South America, knot by knot, she continued to hone her skills and craft, always learning from traveling artists throughout Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.  After returning to the States, she continued to experiment with her own creative patterns and designs, often sharing them with the women who taught her that first simple knot.  She also offers customized jewelry for those who are interested, designing their piece with a heart-felt, high energy approach or allowing clients to explore their own creative process.  She has recently broadened her art to include wall hangings, plant hangers, and dream catchers.  She is constantly discovering more and more ways to implement her creativity into new mediums of work.  

Kara is available to teach macrame workshop or parties. Workshops are available for creating macrame bracelets, macrame plant hanger and wall hangings. Contact Kara at sequoiasgarden@gmail.com

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