Leonard Lee Rue III


Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III  

Fine-Art Print Collection - Wildlife and Nature - A Close Look At The World Around Us.


Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III, an internationally known wildlife photographer and naturalist, has photographed on all seven continents and all 50 states. His work has been published in most major outdoor magazines and at one time, he was the most published wildlife photographer in the country. He has over 1800 magazine covers to his credit and has given over 4000 lectures in schools, clubs and organizations. Dr. Rue is also the author of 29 wildlife and nature books.


Leonard and his wife Ursula (Uschi) are both ardent photographers and students of wildlife; a most fortunate couple in that they both share their love for the outdoors and are deeply committed to their work. Uschi is the technician who brings their digital images to life. 

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Contact information: mailto:info@ruewildlifephotos.com 










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